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Sosua is a small town in the province of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Located approximately 6 km from Puerto Plata International Airport (POP) with a population of 80,000.

In 1938, the President of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo, uses up to 100,000 Jewish cargo. From 1940 to 19452, about 800 German and Austrian Jews lived in Sosua. The government provided them with land and resources with which they began to build the city in order to create industries such as a dairy and cheese factory, the name “Sosua Products” that exists today. The descendants of the first settlers still live in Sosua, where they have a synagogue and a museum. The city became a popular tourism development in the mid-1980s.

Sosua is divided into three parts:

El Batey, which is the tourist center of the city, has been chosen by immigrants around the world for nearly three decades. For many, Sosua is their second home. El Batey – This area is famous for its nightlife, restaurants, bars, shops. There are 5 banks, law firms, oceanfront tenements in the area.

Sosua Abajo and Los Charamicos is a densely populated area of ​​the city where most of the locals live. Sosua has a very large diaspora, which consists mainly of Germans, British, American and Canadian immigrants.

The beautiful beach in Sosua, protected by coral reefs, attracts many water sports enthusiasts, including scuba diving and diving, fishing enthusiasts due to the calm clear waters, various fish species and the complex structure of the reef. There are cozy restaurants on the beach where you can taste dishes of the national cuisine of the Dominican Republic, enjoy mouth-watering lobster or fresh fish, drink a glass of Presidente beer, fresh coconut juice or local Barceló or Brugal rum, as well as sip on a chic Dominican cigar to the fiery rhythms of bachata and meringues.

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